Congress pours haterade on the ‘Jersey Shore’.

I previously blogged that Congress was being sneaky with the revenue sources in the health care bill. The example I gave was the tax on hospitals with a disproportionate number of low-income clients.

Fellow “Jersey Shore” fans will be shocked to learn that Congress also wants to tax a central component of the SeasideHeights lifestyle GTL.

More below the fold.

Congress proposes to “Impose [a] 10% excise tax on indoor tanning services” to raise a shocking $2.7 billion over ten years for health care reform!

Senator Reid, are you so envious of the AC that you need to hate on Jersey’s coastal traditions? What’s next, taxes on hair gel and levies on Ed Hardy?

E-mail your representatives and tell them to stop creeping on special interests while shafting the good guidos and guidettes of New Jersey!


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