Ask the Audience – If you had to be someone else, who would you choose?

For this week’s Ask the Audience, I thought I’d throw out a question that I find is always a good conversation piece at dinner or cocktail parties or whanot:

You’re forced to have the life of someone else, living or dead, real or fictional. This doesn’t mean that you’d still be you but in the position of that person; it means that you’d just be them (i.e. have all of their values, life experiences, etc.)  Who would you choose  and why?

Much like asking what movie’s your favorite, there’s not necessarily any one person you’d like to be. Personally, my choices change with my mood. Hopefully it’s an interesting thought experiment, and I’m looking forward to seeing the responses people come up with. I’ll summarize them and write in with my own thoughts on Friday.


One thought on “Ask the Audience – If you had to be someone else, who would you choose?

  1. I asked a few co-workers this question, and some of the answers they gave were Jay-Z, Oprah, and Edward Norton.

    Personally, I’d have gone with a fictional character for whom a completely different universe is open for exploration. I’m depressingly aware that I’ll likely never slip the surly bonds of earth, so Jean-Luc Picard sounds like a decent choice to me. Being a knight errant from some fantasy series would be pretty thrilling as well. And forget cryogenics when the realm of immortal gods is not beyond reach!

    Of course, taking out fictional characters, and loosening up the adherence to the person’s original values would change things considerably.

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