Ask the Audience – Best of NYC Restaurant Week 2010 solicitations

I normally like saving a few posts for later in the week, but this is a bit time-sensitive.

As some of you may know, New York City Restaurant Week begins today, and lasts through next week, January 25–February 7, although reportedly some will go through the end of February. Some of you may also know that I’m a bit of a foodie (Josh as well), and love trying new foods; I attempt to make at least one RW visit each season.

During NYC Restaurant Week, many upscale restaurants and some lesser restaurants will offer three-course prix fixe menus, $24.07 (lunch) or $35.00 (dinner). It’s usually better in the summer, but a quick glance reveals there are some good entrants this winter, including Tabla, Esca, Cafe Boulud, etc.

One place I can recommend to readers, from personal experience, is Aquavit (Cafe or Dining Room); Restaurant Week menu shown here. Chef Marcus Samuelsson‘s cuisine is Scandinavian, so there’s a lot of salmon and Swedish meatballs, in addition to the potent spirit that lends the restaurant its name. The last time I went, there were two tables of Scandinavians (including a leggy blonde, and a silver-maned Bjorn Borg-clone) that took turns toasting each other with hoots of “Skol!”, “Skooool!” and shots of aquavit, which gave the Ikea-esque dining room an extra air of modern Nordic authenticity. It isn’t on the RW menu, but an additional appetizer I enjoyed was the gravlax on flatbread; likely some of the best smoked salmon I’ve had. The crunch of the warm, crispy, and slightly oiled flatbread matched perfectly with the heaping mounds of soft salmon that were kept from sliding off the flatbread by a smear of tomato-dill-ey spread that balanced the richness with a touch of acidity. Service was great, and the decor/ambience was, as you can see from the picture, pretty beautiful and serene.

So questions for the audience:

1) What have been your favorite restaurant week experiences/what would you recommend?

2) What restaurants (let’s say RW for now) would you like to see reviewed on Stone Soup? I’ll try to write a review of my restaurant week experience next week, or so.

3) Are there any fellow foodies/Stone Soup enthusiasts that would like to join me for Restaurant Week? (I thought this was a bit of a tricky question that potentially both smacks of desperation, and of desperate hope for self-selecting respondents, but I decided ‘why not?’). You can post a comment, or e-mail me.


Ended up going to I Trulli for RW. Review posted here.


One thought on “Ask the Audience – Best of NYC Restaurant Week 2010 solicitations

  1. I’m excited to try restaurants this week, but from last season, Aquavit definitely shined. While I’m anticipating Park Ave Winter and others, Aquavit is going to be very hard to beat.

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