David Does Not Know Rap

This might be a little inside-baseball for a blog post, but here’s an excerpt of a conversation I had with Stonesoup coauthor David Yin:

Josh: Another good example of a fat musician: The Notorious B.I.G.

David: Ah i did not know that! I didn’t even know what The Notorious BIG looked like. But now it makes sense.

Josh: Really? What the fuck, David?

David: Damn i am fucking slow on the uptake.

Josh: So i don’t mind that, but just the fact that you’ve never seen Biggie. . .

David: Biggie Smalls?

David: Same person?

Josh: Yes.

David: See, it’s contradictory. Does big pimpin’ imply fat?

Josh: No.

David: Right so maybe i thought he was. . . I dunno. a big personality. a dominant figure. . .


2 thoughts on “David Does Not Know Rap

    • That bit I knew. I was trying to suggest that “big” doesn’t necessarily imply physically large, in the rap community.

      I resent the accusation that I know nothing about rap–I know it’s a cultural musical genre featuring spoken word poetry delivered in time with music, danceable beats, explicit lyrics, and chordal patterning…

      I have a lot of problems (maybe even 99), but worrying about my rap knowledge is not one of them.

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