The Ghost in the StoneSoup Machine

In our relaunch of StoneSoup, David, Alex, Will, and I created a new incentive structure to get us to write posts – each week, anyone who doesn’t post will owe six dollars to be split among that week’s posters. This creates a small but psychologically significant incentive to write a post for the week. indeed, the inherent competitiveness of this scheme, rather than the relatively small amount of money involved is what has driven each of the StoneSoup writers to file a post before this week’s deadline  (even though I just barely achieved this in the most gimmicky way possible). This competitiveness can best be illustrated by the following conversation between David and I:

Sent at 4:26 PM on Thursday
David: I’d like my $6 in pennies, so I can roll around in them, plz

Sent at 4:43 PM on Friday
David: cha-chink!
David: that’s the sound money makes for asian people
Josh: hahahaha
you know you only get 2$
David: best $2 i’ve ever spent
Josh: also i still have fifteen minutes
i kind of want to write a post that just says fuck you david
Josh: just to win on a technicaly
Josh: but i’ll suck it up and lose 6$
David: i think i’ll start saving the money and buy a frame
Sent at 4:47 PM on Friday
David: i’ll frame the 20th dollar I own
er, that i earn
Josh: hahaha
won’t it be like the 19th and 20th dollar
like given that they come in 2s
David: i’ll use the other dollar to pay for you to autograph one of them
Sent at 4:50 PM on Friday
Josh: hahahaha
my dignity cannot be bought …
at that low price

Sent at 4:59 PM on Friday
Josh: i don’t owe you shit
David: you bastard

Bonus points to any StoneSoup commenter who figures out why we chose six dollars as the amount for the fine.


4 thoughts on “The Ghost in the StoneSoup Machine

  1. Add in two more posters. I want to see the fun that results when the financial disincentive for missing is particularly painful, to say nothing of the incentive for sabotaging others…

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