The Movie [Theme] Game.

***** Apologies if you could not get the music to work earlier. I’ve corrected the problem. Happy sleuthing! *****

I’ve seen many people create their version of The Movie Quotes game, where friends identify quotes from a list of favorite movies. The idea is great: a subject most people know a bit about + competition = fun. But I always found it a bit boring because, let’s face it, in the age of Google and IMDB, we’re always skeptical of particularly astute identification. Fun story though: once I was playing the movie game (name an actor, then name a movie that actor was in, then name another actor in that movie, etc.) with my friend Liz G. and I’m so bad at the game that I lost while allowed to use IMDB. Sad.

Columbia neuroscientist Oliver Sacks wrote, “we humans are a musical species no less than a linguistic one,” so here’s my version of The Movie Quotes Game — The Movie Theme Song Game.

I’ve posted 15 short audio clips from well-known movies. I suspect 70-80% of our readers have seen all of these movies.

–Try to identify the clips in the comments without using electronic help.

–I should warn you that some clips are a bit harder than others, and the clips are not necessarily the main theme song; some of them merely appeared at memorable scenes (for me, at least).

–I will put stars (***) next to clips that have been correctly identified in the comments.



***Clip 1.

***Clip 2.

***Clip 3.

***Clip 4.

***Clip 5.

***Clip 6.

***Clip 7.

***Clip 8.

***Clip 9.

***Clip 10.

***Clip 11.

***Clip 12.

***Clip 13.

***Clip 14.

***Clip 15.




The answers:

1. Chariots of Fire (Grace)

2. Forrest Gump (Masako)

3. Pirates of the Caribbean (Masako)

4. The Godfather (Masako)

5. Harry Potter (Masako)

6. Amadeus (Grace)

7. Beauty and the Beast (TJ)

8. Shawshank Redemption (Rick Ross)

9. The Mighty Ducks (Grace)

10. Jurassic Park (TJ)

11. Kill Bill (Masako)

12. Bourne Trilogy (Masako)

13. Ben Hur (Grace)

14. Rudy (Jackie)

15. The Fifth Element (Trevor)


24 thoughts on “The Movie [Theme] Game.

  1. No Battle of Agincourt? I thought you were in love with that one.

    I’ll take my favorite one – Clip 3 – Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Back later with more if no one else is guessing.

  2. Here it goes:

    1) Chariots of Fire
    2) Forrest Gump
    3) Pirates of the Caribbean
    4) The Godfather
    5) Harry Potter
    6) ?
    7) Beauty and the Beast
    8 ) ?
    9) ?
    10) Jurassic Park
    11) Kill Bill!!
    12) Jason Bourne woot woot (not name of movie)
    13) ?
    14) ?
    15) ?

  3. Total guess here, but is #14 The Ten Commandments?

    (Or Spartacus? Ben Hur? Cleopatra? [insert other movie set in ancient times]…)

  4. 6 is Amadeus.

    (gchat conversation that took place)
    me: 6 is very interesting
    it reminds me of italy
    and operas
    and mozart-like stuff
    David: interesting

    • Yep! I was surprised #9 ended up being the last one. This clip was taken from D3, so the beginning might have been a little different, but the more familiar theme came in at around 15 seconds.

      • I’m going out on a limb here, David, but I think #9 was the last one because the vast majority of us probably haven’t seen “The Mighty Ducks” since we were in elementary school.

        (Full disclosure: I got #9 only after David gave me 2 hints – (1) sports movie, (2) not based on true story. The Mighty Ducks was my immediate guess.)

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