Whistle Stop Update

Sorry for the long hiatus: too many legs of my trip have been without Internet, without my laptop power charger (which I inadvertently left at my Forks motel, but which has since been shipped back to me…and then lost again, see below), or simply completely packed.

But here’s a quick update on a major event today, which still has me a bit shook up: the Amtrak train I took today from Emeryville (SF Bay Area) to Bakersfield (where I was to board an Amtrak bus to LA) derailed near Fresno after being struck by a big rig. I am fortunately OK, and I’ll be sharing the experience in a future post. However, that post could take a while, as my current priority is tracking down my one piece of carry-on luggage, which contains ALL of my clothes and recharging equipment (camera, laptop, cell…).


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