Breaking Bad Finale Guesses

What do you think will happen in the Breaking Bad finale tonight? Please post in the comments.


I’ll post my (doubtless inaccurate) guess below the fold (obviously it’s spoiler-filled)

I vaguely (and maybe inaccurately) remember hearing Vince Gilligan say the ending is bittersweet but a victory (in some sense) from Walt’s perspective. With that in mind, I think he’ll be able to successfully bequeath at least some of his fortune to Holly and will emerge victorious over the Nazis. My guess is that Walt machine-guns them (maybe by arranging a meeting with Todd; I don’t know otherwise how he finds their lair), and then kills Jesse after an angry reunion in Jesse’s awful cell (alternate ending guess is that Jesse goes to prison for the rest of his life). This theory doesn’t really do a good job accounting for the ricin, but I think either he takes the ricin himself so he can somehow turn himself in (maybe to pass info to Skyler) while knowing he’ll die soon or that he takes it to somehow make a threat credible.

What do you all think?


3 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Finale Guesses

  1. I don’t know what to think. I would be pretty disappointed if the nazis don’t die (true of most things), and I predict some sort of justice. My paradigm for this show is shakespearean tragedy, so I guess I think Jesse and Walt will both die. I don’t think Jesse gets killed by Walt; I think he sacrifices himself.

  2. I’m posting this from the West Coast, so I have not yet started watching the episode. My predictions & what I want to happen:

    – Walt HAS to spare or save Jesse in one final, conscious act. He’s dragged Jesse through so much in the past five seasons, basically completely destroyed this human being, and Walt needs to realize that he can’t just place all the blame on Jesse for what happened in Ozymandias. The blood is on him, not Jesse, and I would be quite disappointed to see Walt psychologically get away with allocating so much fault to Jesse. Walt needs to own up and let Jesse go.

    – I don’t want Jesse to break bad (i.e. kill Walt). I thought for sure that this season, we would see the redemption of Jesse. I now fear that we will see the complete destruction of Jesse. I want, more than anything, for Jesse to get some peace of mind at the end of the series, and I’m not sure we’ll get that.

    – Lydia or Todd will die via the ricin, because we’ve seen both of them drinking tea way too much this season.

    – I think Lydia will die via the ricin, because I can see Todd dying a hilariously spectacular death — the complete opposite of how he tends to kill his victims (quietly and unassumingly).

    – Walt will go out on his own terms. Cancer, or allowing Jesse the chance to kill him. Probably not ingesting the ricin himself because isn’t that supposed to be relatively painful?


  3. You know, I can see Walt slipping Todd the ricin when they have tea together, and Walt gets the intel from Todd that he needs to gun down the Nazis. It’ll be poetic, because Todd only picked up the tea habit from Lydia.

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