FIFA World Cup Fantasy League Rules

Some time ago I blogged about the intention of setting up a World Cup Fantasy League, to help myself and friends keep up with the World Cup and perhaps replicate the excitement of the NCAA Tournament or Fantasy Baseball in having a “horse in the race”, aside from the United States, of course.

Here are the proposed rules for the Fantasy League, and for readers in cyberspace, feel free to adopt them to create leagues of your own! And if you’d like to join this league, we can accept more players (since we’re no longer doing a snake draft).

Instead of a snake draft–in which players draft in order, and then in reverse order, etc.–we’re going to do something a bit different so everyone has an equal chance of choosing Brazil or Argentina (the World Cup might be a little too top-heavy for a snake draft). Each player will first choose the 16 teams that they believe will advance out of the Group Stage, 2 from each group.They will get points for the number of wins, ties, and points scored by those teams during the Group Stage.

After each Group (from A through H) finishes playing a round robin tournament, two teams will advance to the Second Round (The Round of 16). One will be the top-seeded team from that group (e.g. 1A) and one will be the second-seeded team from that group (e.g. 2A). Beginning with the Second Round, the teams will play in a single-elimination bracket until they reach the finals. After the seeding of the Second Round is determined (by who makes it out of the Groups), our fantasy players will submit a completed bracket of which teams they think will advance through the tournament. One catch though: you can only get points for the 16 teams you chose to get out of the Group Stage. So if you didn’t think Team USA would advance out of Group C, you can’t get points for any victories they get after that (maybe you can choose them to win, but you wouldn’t get points for that).

Scoring System:

Each Win – 1 pt
Each Draw – 0.5 pt
Each Goal Scored – 0.25 pt

Advancing to Second Round – 3 pt
Advancing to Quarterfinals – 5 pt
Advancing to Semifinals – 9 pt
Advancing to Final – 17 pt
Winning Tournament – 30 pt

I’m flexible about changing the scoring system/points. What do people think about the rules?

Important Dates:

Players should submit their 16 Teams (2 from each group) by 11:59pm June 6th, 2010 (Eastern Time).

Players should submit their brackets for the Second Round and beyond by 9am, June 26, 2010. Kickoff for the first Second Round match is at 10am on June 26th, so it’s important not to be late!

Joining the League:

If you’d like to join this league, we can accept more players since we’re no longer doing a snake draft (though we’re limited by my time/energy, so I’ll set a cap of 8 additional players).

The current players are Alex, Thomas, Trevor, Lauren, Crocker, Ryne, Josh, and David. Please comment below if you’d like to join!